Artificial Intelligence for Music Composition – play with it

“Artificial intelligence music” as a keyword on Google Scholar gives you about 16000 articles since 2016. Definitely a growing trend.

Are there already active applications? Not that everyone can use them, but there are very interesting projects.

The usual IBM Watson of course is worth mentioning, as their Beat was able to create a hit song for Alex Da Kid:


Another very interesting experiment is by Sony and it’s called Flow Machines. Their software was able to study the style of the Beatles and create a song from scratch that might as well being a lost composition of the British pop band.

The song, called Daddy’s car, reached recently 1.5M views on Youtube:

And finally Jukebox is already an active application using artificial intelligence to create soundtracks. They claim already 500k songs created with a total of 30M views on Youtube.

It’s really a few clicks process to create a song and it even assigns a title automatically.



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